Why We're Different

You will deal directly with the owner of the shop.

Bob Nolan knows his customers and their vehicles. Let him get to know yours!

Our labor rates are generally lower than those at dealerships.

We don't have the high overhead of a flashy location or a fancy lounge with leather couches. We just have reliable car repairs.

We are a true small business.

We are just a couple of guys fixing cars.
Your payments won't go to help the owner buy a bigger boat or a vacation home. Instead, it will help him make his mortgage payment, pay for electronic diagnostic equipment, or maybe get a newer truck for the shop.

We're right in the neighborhood. 

No need to travel to upper Peach or to the far ends of the county. There's no traffic congestion on Pine Avenue!

We support other local small businesses.

We buy most of our auto parts and supplies from small local vendors.

We don't use Flat Rate. 

"Flat Rate" is the way technicians are paid at many shops and dealerships.
What this means is that every repair or maintenance job has a "book" time. That's the amount of time it's supposed to take to perform that job. That's the "flat rate" time.
Why it matters . . .  
In a flat rate shop, if the book says it should take one hour to complete a job, the technician gets paid one hour's wage for doing that job.
If everything goes swimmingly and the technician can complete the job in 45 minutes, he will still be paid for one hour's time. Good news for him!
If things don't go so well, maybe the bolts are so rusted that he can't get them out or the replacement part doesn't fit right, the technician may have to work two hours to complete the job. Too bad, so sad; he will still only be paid for one hour's work. 
This method encourages technicians to work fast and take short cuts.
How this is good for you . . .
We will estimate your job based on the book rate. But our technicians will take as much time as it requires to complete a job because they know they will be paid for all the time they work on it. Bob doesn't make as much money this way, but he's OK with that because he is satisfied that Nolan's is doing quality work.
If it will take considerably longer than our estimate, we will call you to discuss options.  Otherwise, you will only pay what we estimated. And the job will be done right!