About Us

Nolan's Pine Avenue Auto Service, LLC is a locally-owned, family-run business that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.  
We've been doing business on Pine Avenue since 2003.  
Our shop isn't fancy; you won't find a plush lounge, big TV, or vending machines here. 
We just provide reasonably-priced services and reliable repairs. 

Our Mission

The Mission of Nolan's Pine Avenue Auto Service, LLC is to provide quality auto repairs and inspections, at a reasonable price, to keep you safe and comfortable in your vehicle.

Our Business Practices

We promise to repair only what's necessary -- no pushy up-sell here. 
But if we see something that is likely to need repair in the near future, we will tell you. Then you can make an appointment when you are ready to have it fixed.
We also keep your old parts for you so you can see the condition that required their replacement.